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Lawn Care Wilsonville

Year-Round Lawn Care

Lawn Care WilsonvilleManaging the health and appearance of your landscape can be quite challenging for most people. Aside from a standard lawnmower, most home and business owners don’t have a full arsenal of landscaping equipment. At NW Evergreen Landscape LLC, we not only have all the highest quality, professional tools, but we have a team of highly qualified and experienced lawn care specialists. Lawn care involves more than just mowing, and the more ornate your landscape is, the more maintenance it will require. Luckily our team has been providing the following services for many years and is skilled at keeping your property looking flawless.

  • Lawn Edging
  • Weed Control
  • Bush and Shrub Trimming

  • Fall Leaf Cleanup
  • Fertilization
  • And More!

Regular lawn care by a professional not only takes the stress off of you but results in you having a beautifully landscaped property all year long. Keep your yard looking happy, healthy, and beautiful, no matter what season it is!

Fall Leaf Cleanup

Depending on the size of your property, we can use different methods of leaf cleanup. For smaller areas like residential homes, there is the option to mow the leaves. This method works better if the leaves are slightly damp. In this case, one or two passes with a lawnmower should have your lawn looking clean and leaf-free. For more significant properties, a leaf blower is a wonderful tool. With this method, your lawn care specialist can blow the leaves in a specific direction to make cleanup much more manageable. And for extensive areas, a vacuum is utilized. This method is hugely beneficial because it can suck up leaves, twigs, and other small debris. This equipment can make short work out of a big project.

Lawn Edging

Hedge Trimmer WilsonvilleWhen your property is regularly maintained, it doesn’t take long to spruce it up. Edging is a popular way of creating neat borders. Edging can be used to separate the lawn from the garden, the prevent grass and weeds from creeping over and help contain mulch or other types of ground cover. If you have concrete walkways or patios, keeping the separation between stone and grass creates a clean and refined look. But a standard lawnmower won’t be able to get close enough to get the job done. And that’s where we come in. With our tools and experience, we can perform these detailed tasks with precision. Other lawn care companies might go too deep and tear up the grass, spraying dirt and soil everywhere. This kind of work requires a steady and trained hand. At NW Evergreen Landscape LLC, our staff has the years of practice needed to perfect this art.

Local Lawn Maintenance

At NW Evergreeen Landscape LLC, we provide a variety of maintenance services to keep your property looking its best. Whether it’s fertilizing your grass to keep it healthy, pulling or spraying for weeds, or trimming the shrubs, we handle it all! Our goal is to provide Aurora residents and business owners with a reliable lawn care and landscaping company. When you want a professionally maintained lawn, give us a call!


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