We treat our Team with Respect, Humility, and Professionalism so they treat our clients the same way.

Miguel and his wife Dainerkis
founded NW Evergreen Landscape LLC in 2015 with a focus on providing an outstanding customer experience. Along with our quick response rate, we show up to our job sites on time because we know your time is valuable.

Our team is sure to leave your home better than it was before. Before leaving job sites we make sure to close all gates which can be detrimental for clients who have pets. We are constantly growing as a team through our passion for knowledge and our motivation for continuous learning.

If you are interested or would like to request more information about our service please contact us.

Lawn Care Services Aurora OR

Our Core Values Include:


“Do the right thing even when no one is looking”


“The Safe way is always the best way”


“Is not about what work you do, it is about how well you do the work”

Constant Improvement 

“Passion for knowledge, motivation for continuous learning”

NW Evergreen Landscape LLC