Year-Round Lawn Care

For a lot of people, lawn care is a spring and summer activity. But even in the winter and rainy months, your lawn still needs to be properly maintained. And living in the Pacific Northwest means we get our fair share of rainy days. Knowing how to properly maintain a landscape to ensure it stays healthy throughout the entire year requires a lot of knowledge and experience. At NW Evergreen Landscape LLC, we have a team of educated lawn care experts ready to help your yard look it’s very best.

Taking Care of Your Landscape Throughout the year is extremely important to its health and appearance. If you only maintain it during the summer months, it spends the rest of the year suffering, making it more challenging to revive next spring. We handle all of the following and more the keep your lawn happy and healthy all year.
Doing this kind of work in the winter months can be a hassle. Leaving it to the experts takes the stress off of you and rewards you with a perfectly landscaped lawn.
Lawn Care Aurora OR
At NW Evergreen Landscape LLC, we know what the native plants, trees, grass, and shrubs need to thrive. We utilize specific fertilizers and other products for your unique landscape environment. We’re confident that you will be thrilled with the year-long results!


The team at NW Evergreen Landscape, LLC is proud to provide our clients with a variety of services, specializing in overgrown yard clean-ups and landscape maintenance. We strive to provide our customers with the highest possible quality and attention to detail. No matter what kind of work we are performing on your property, you will never need to worry about the results. Our team of lawn care experts works directly with you to achieve your landscape goals.

Lawn Service

Our lawn services typically include overgrown yard clean-ups, mowing, bushes and shrub trimming, hedges, flower bed weeding, blackberry removal, and ivy removal. These services can be necessary if you haven’t had lawn maintenance in a long time or after a big storm. Overgrown yard clean-ups are very popular among clients that are selling their homes or realtors putting houses up on the market. Having the outdoor property look more presentable goes a long way when trying to sell.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is more about the health and wellness of your yard and includes services like lawn maintenance, fertilization, edging, weed control, and leaf blowing. Lawn care should be done regularly to keep your property looking its best.

Landscape Design

Landscaping services are entirely different from overgrown yard clean-ups and lawn care, in that it is the installation of aesthetic hardscapes like new sod, mulch, gravel and rock installation, walkways, paver patios, new fences, and new plants.

Professional Landscape Company

Extensive knowledge and experience are required to provide expert landscape and lawn care. Our team at NW Evergreen Landscape LLC has years of experience providing these services to residential homes. We understand that having a beautiful yard is essential in more places than neighborhoods. First appearances make a huge difference, and the first thing that people are going to see is the exterior of your home or building. Having a yard with dead patches, overgrown weeds, or poorly maintained landscaping doesn’t give off a good image.

We are confident that you will love our services and the results that come from them. We are licensed, bonded, and insured so that you can be confident in our services too. Our goal is to provide excellent lawn care for all of our Oregon residents.

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